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The journey through #PremiosTelehit

Tokio is Woo original photographies.
We all know Tokio Hotel will be in Mexico City for the very first time since 4 years ago and I'm so excited because I could be there. But, in this process, specifically to get tickets, is so stressing, overall when we talk about awards' tickets... THEY ARE FREE!. I tryed to calm down, counted to three and the day to get them finally came:

Monday 3rd, 2014. It's five in the morning and just woke up. I dressed up my clothes and haven't had a good breakfast. I was too nervious and still got that feeling since I arrived to the place: Televisa Radio. I was like the person number fifty on the file. I thought it was pretty good. Then, five minutes passed and I looked behind myself and there were TONS of people, couldn't believe that!. I bet the most of them were there for The Gang (including myself). It was just weird and cool.

You could see boys and girls wearing a Tokio Hotel logo ond their clothes, necklaces, wristlets and as soundtrack, some girl had "Never Let You Down" as ringtone. Just amazing...

Time passed by and you could see how the crwd increased, was impressive!. At 10:00 am, two guys, staff from Telehit, came to us and asked us for this cupon on the magazine to exchange it to our tickets, they gave us a number:

With this, we changed it for the tickets. Each magazine had the right for two of them. Every hour waiting have worthed it!. Now I introduce you our passes to heaven:

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