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Who is that new guitarist on Tokio Hotel?

Aron Forbes, that's his name. "I have played guitar, produced and music directed for many artist over the years... I love nothing more than getting in the studio with talented people who share the unrelenting passion for music that I do" (that means, Tokio Hotel, fuck yeah), according to his profile on Linked in.

We all wondered about this blonde man (not Gustav) when the gang played live acoustic the very first times. A music director and composer for his own band, Magnolia Memoir. He have played not only with Tokio Hotel also, with One Direction... ON TOUR!.

I got just a little information about his personal life that every true Alien should know:  

• He was born in Big Sur, California
• He studied on South California University
• He started playing guitar when he was 5!
• He toured the world as the Music Director for Justin Timberlake produced artist
• Age?. Unknown

I invite you to support him and his band. Visit their web, like, retweet, etcetera! 

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